There are many different sized Yoni eggs to choose from. It is always recommended to use a bigger size in the beginning, as you will feel it more easily and are more likely to get the hang of how to hold it with your vaginal muscles. After some time it’s a good idea to work with a smaller egg. The smaller the egg, the more skills, and muscles it takes to work with. But you can always stick with the one egg your whole life if you want.

X-large (40mmx60mm)Have given birth to more than one child; problems with incontinence; over-weight; inactive

Large (40mmx50mm)Recommended size to start with for most women; easy to feel; for those over 45 years; low libido; incontinence problems

Medium (30mmx40mm)Have not had children; active; younger than 45; no known incontinence issues; easily able to reach orgasms

Small (22mmx30mm)For advanced users, after mastering the medium size

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