For about a year or so, I have been researching and collecting crystals. I have always been intrigued by the process of crystal formation. Crystals are formed from the Earth and can be considered miniature DNA samples of its evolution. Crystalline structures can focus, conserve, absorb, and emit energies across multiple electromagnetic wave bands.

Crystal healing has been used for multiple centuries by working through resonance and vibrations to remove ailments and amplify chakras.

Note: Everyone can benefit from crystal healing but you should properly be trained or treated by someone who is qualified and experienced. I was trained by a fabulous spiritual advisor in Atlanta. (Comment below if you would like her contact info). 

Typically crystals find you. Be sure to only select a crystal that it is appealing to your eye. You have permission to be as vain as your want! This spark is very important in regard to the success of your cleansing efforts. Once you have selected your gem, you should be sure to detox your stone of any other energies prior to this new relationship. There are multiple ways to cleanse your crystals. You can place them in sea salt overnight, bury them in the earth for a full lunar & solar cycle (24 hours), or by smudging. Smudging is when you burn white sage to release and cleanse lingering energies. After your stones are cleaned, be sure to tell them, (yes, literally speak to your crystal), your intentions. Your intentions can simply be,"I want to be happy", I want that promotion", or "I need to relax". Now finally, you can wear your stone WHEREVER you like. Yes ladies, even there. (Google: "Yoni Egg") You're welcome.I use two methods of crystal healing. One looks very similar to a meditation session & the other is just simply by wearing them close to your body, preferably near its assigned chakra.

Note: Always start cleaning from the lowest chakra up. For example, if you would like to cleanse your third eye, root,& throat chakras; you would start with your root chakra, then your throat, & save the third eye for last.  Check out the image below!

If you do choose to wear your crystals, I recommend making a statement. Don't be shy. Crystals are beautiful and great conversational pieces. They deserve to be displayed and not just tucked away in your bra or pants pocket. Guilty as charged! 

Anyway, wearing the stones are self-explanatory but the other approach requires a little more effort. Let's discuss.Let me know if you are interested in chakras & would like a more in-depth explanation by leaving a bomb ass comment below.So, with the meditation session approach; I lay flat on my back and place one stone on the chakra that I am interested in cleansing. I do this while saying a mantra or affirmation in my head. I block out any other thoughts that may intervene by focusing on deep breaths. If the stone rolls off of your body, do not stop it. Crystals only move with purpose. That corresponding region has been purged. Congratulations,you have completed your first session! If this doesn't happen, that's okay too. You can stop and start as needed. I keep my sessions under 15 minutes at LEAST once a week. Be sure to cleanse your crystals again after each session. Many people say they can feel the energy working through them as soon as the first session. Keep a journal of how each session makes you feel. There is no recommended amount of time to "complete" a cleanse of a chakra. Trust me, you will know when you are cleansed or when it is time to work on another area.Remember it's called a spiritual JOURNEY for a reason.

 Be gentle with yourself, practice patience, & have fun.